Real Estate has been deemed an Essential Service because there are some things that can’t wait for the Shelter In Place to be lifted. Many families don’t have the luxury of a flexible moving date. So if you’re faced with moving right now, take heart. There are several things you can do to be proactive about your family’s health and safety, and the Brinkoetter Team is here to help.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

- Moving Companies have also been deemed Essential, but that doesn’t mean they’ve all implemented the same safety protocols and procedures. It’s important to ask movers about their policies, what they’re doing to ensure their clients safety, if they disinfect their trucks between moves, and if their crew will be wearing Personal Protective…

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A Seller's Strategic PlanFor the real estate industry, digital marketing resources have long played a valuable role in a successful list-to-sell process. But with today’s shelter-in-place order in effect, these resources mean the singular lifeline between you, the Seller, and your Buyer.

Here are four essential tools that will play leading roles in your Seller’s Strategic Plan: 

Strategic Tool #1: 3D Virtual Tours

Professional, still-life photography is pretty basic in today’s real estate practice. Savvy Sellers need access to 3D-tour technology, which allow virtual walkthroughs for potential Buyers (who may be out-of-town, looking to relocate) and can be accessed from most any media device. Brinkoetter’s industry-leading technology can rotate 360 degrees and move room to…

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Move with JennyWhile gyms, fitness centers, and workout facilities are temporarily closed for quarantine, healthy individuals and families are challenged to find alternative ways to keep active and keep moving.

And experts agree, it’s an important effort.

Staying at home for prolonged periods of time can pose a significant challenge for remaining physically active. Sedentary behavior and low levels of physical activity can have negative effects on physical health and overall quality of life. These stuck-at-home days can also cause additional stress and test mental health (parents, I’m looking at you).

According to Brinkoetter Realtor and RedZone Fitness gym owner, Jenny Lambdin, mental health is just as important as physical health. And exercise is a big player in positive…

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State of Real EstateThe Macon County residential real estate market for the first quarter of 2020 outpaced the first quarter of 2019 by just over 40% in terms of both dollar volume and units sold. Dollar volume was up by $9 million and 79 more homes were sold as compared to the same time period in 2019. To say the market started strong is an understatement.  

Average list price increased 2% to approximately $116,500 from $114,600 and average sales price increased 1% to $109,800 from $108,500.  Buyers and sellers alike were encouraged as the demand was high, the inventory was low, interest rates were experiencing record lows, and financial measures were pointing upward. As a classic example of a right-side up economy: demand was greater than the supply.

Then COVID-19 hit…

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Home Buyers: Lean Back InThe COVID-19 pandemic has left many of today’s buyers wondering how or even if they should proceed with their home search. Questions about safety, financial ramifications, and uncertain job security linger as they question moving forward with their longtime plans.

But as an encouraging sign of the market, and eventual recovery, Brinkoetter Realtors’ home buyers are still signing contracts, closing on purchases,  and making plans to move their families into the homes they’ve been dreaming of. 

While it’s hard to know when things will begin to normalize, industry experts seem to agree that real estate will recover quickly, and may even eventually help to support the economy back to a healthy state.

With that in mind, there are many things buyers can be…

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The Business of HumanityOur nation is crying. While some Americans are fighting for their lives, other Americans are fighting for their livelihoods. No one is immune from concern.

But during these dark, thick-with-worry days, business leaders from every industry find themselves seated beside each other in one common place:

Today, we are all in the Business of Humanity.

During a team phone conference, Brinkoetter Realtors Designated Managing Broker and Owner, Tom Brinkoetter, told his team, “This isn’t a time for business. This is a time to be here for your clients. Check on them. Call them and ask them what they need, or if there are errands you might run on their behalf. Let them know you are there for them.”

Tom is in the Business of Humanity.

Local radio host and community…

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Everyday Heroes 2

Fear around public health emergencies like the coronavirus can bring out the worst in people, but it can also provide inspiring examples of people and companies choosing to be kind. Even in the midst of the crisis, people are making sure those in quarantine don’t feel alone, turning canceled events into opportunities to give back, giving of themselves and offering their business services, talents, and treasure. 

Brinkoetter Realtors is proud to be working in partnership with Brian Byers and the Neuhoff Media team to bring recognition to our community’s “Everyday Heroes.” 

Says Brinkoetter Designated Managing Broker and Owner, Tom Brinkoetter, "We’re all in this thing together. We want to honor the individuals, businesses, and organizations going…

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for sale_soldThese days, our local housing market is as uncrowded as the hand sanitizer shelf at your local grocery store.

Competition is lean and the demand is mean. At the time of this publication, there are a mere 231 active residential listings in Macon County. So for sellers who are are ready to list, the lack of competition is going to add up to mean a big-time advantage.

For Brinkoetter Realtor, Louis Kappler, these days listing a home that’s priced to sell and in show-ready condition is a fast-moving process. “I was recently working with a client whose home was immaculate and priced accurately. They listed on a Wednesday morning and it was sold by Wednesday afternoon.”

Continues Kappler, “I think sellers have a real advantage right now, but having a good…

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Supporting our friendsAs I am putting my pen to paper, it is the final day to vote for the Herald & Review Reader’s Choice Awards. If you know me at all, you know I am loyal to a fault and I spend a majority of my money at local businesses. I take this so far that I refuse to eat at the new Chipotle location because I’d rather go to Solsa! It’s ok. You can laugh at me. I know it’s a little ridiculous.

Scrolling through my social media feeds, I have seen an outpouring of support for local businesses and people in Decatur. This makes me so proud of our city! Supporting our friends, especially in local businesses, is vital not only to our city’s economy, but our community as a whole.

In an entrepreneurial career like real estate, it is so important to have support from our…

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