Selling this SpringAs the cooler weather begins to blow in, thermostats are set to warm, and the chill in the air reminds us that winter is near, it’s hard to think ahead to Springtime. But if you’re even considering listing your home on the market early next year, there are a number of things you should be doing NOW, before Old Man Winter’s arrival.

Here are a few tips from our in-house Brinkoetter experts.

Tackle outdoor repairs and landscaping 

Fall is a great time to take care of home improvement projects like exterior painting, roof repairs and replacing windows, as the weather tends to work in your favor.

“Trim back bushes and trees, and clear out dead debris,” recommends Lesley Loehr, Brinkoetter Realtor. “Now is the time to be thinking about sprucing up…

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Sneaky PeeksAs you’re preparing to list your home on the market, most Realtors will tell you it’s important to de-personalize it. The more personal stuff in your house, the less potential Buyers can imagine themselves living there. 

Your Realtor may even advise you to put things in storage - things like family photos, memorabilia collections and personal keepsakes, all in the name of maximizing the full potential of your home.

But what your Realtor may not tell you? Potential Buyers LOVE to sneak a peek.

“It always amazes me the number of Buyers that open the refrigerator or freezer to take a peek inside,” says Brinkoetter Realtor, Jenny Lambdin.

“They’ll open up your stove and microwave. They’ll pull back shower curtains, and inspect bathtubs. They’ll open…

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Booker’s Books Review  “The Silent Patient,” a debut novel by Alex MichaelidesWhen I visit my son and daughter-in-law, I almost always visit the Amazon store which is close to them.  There is something about a book store or a library that I desire, enjoy, and need in my life. I was searching for a new “read” and browsed through the many options that were available. I decided on "The Silent Patient" by Alex Michaelides. This was his debut novel (and I tend to love to try someone’s debut) so away I went with this book in hand. 

 Alicia Berenson, a famous painter is married to Gabriel, a fashion photographer, and they seem to have a fabulous life living in London and seeing their dreams of artists’ lives being fulfilled. Then one evening Gabriel returns home late when Alicia shoots him five times in the face, and then never speaks…

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“Does your home still fit?”How do you know if it’s time for downsizing, upsizing, or changing your scenery? Often times, a baby, growing children, or a now empty nest can drastically impact your living space. Marriages, divorces, blended families, career changes, and economic influences can all make you feel like you’ve outgrown your current living situation. 

If you see yourself in one of these categories, now might be the time for a change of address.

More Babes Than Beds

At one time, your home was probably perfect for a single person or a couple beginning life together. Then you had a baby. And then another baby. And then those babies started getting bigger. If everyone under your roof could use a bit more personal space, perhaps you’re ready for a bit more house.

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As summer winds down my mind turns to what outside projects need to be completed and what book I can read on a pleasant evening on the deck.  Today I would like to highlight a very special book to me, BLOOMING INTO LIFE by Kristie Booker. Kristie is my daughter-in-law and I am so very proud that she followed her desires and dreams and had a book published. We all need to be reminded that we should follow our dreams and help others in this life.  Kristie did both of these by writing BLOOMING INTO LIFE as it is the story of a woman searching for her true self. Being true to ourselves in this life is a daily activity as  we react and respond to life events each day.  Sometimes we fail but we have to never give up and know that tomorrow is a new day and it is…

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Behind Your Back!

You know that expression about a duck floating on top of water-gracefully, seamlessly, effortlessly-while beneath the surface, out of sight, its legs are madly paddling to create movement?

That is the life of a Realtor®.

For every hour your real estate agent spends smiling in your presence, he or she will spend an average of nine hours working behind your back to create movement, find you the perfect home, or get yours sold.

Here’s an insiders look at some of the things our realtors are doing when clients aren’t around.

They do their homework.

Market research is a big part of every realtor’s day. They research potential properties, evaluate competition, and review their multiple listing service database. They pour over detailed property…

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