Key Team Blog2020 has been a year of improvising and transitioning to virtual platforms, and real estate is no different. We've had to adapt many of the ways we collaborate as a team, show houses to buyers, market our sellers' listings, and sign contracts. 

Before the COVID era, we enjoyed multiple collaborative meetings as a team throughout the week either in our office, or in a local restaurant or coffee shop.  During the stay at home order we knew we still needed those regular touch points to collaborate for our clients, as a team, so we have utilized FaceTime calls, group chats, and even meeting in our homes while maintaining a safe distance. We can't wait to start meeting together in local small businesses to do our collaboration.

Because community…

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Web StatsOver the last 30 days, has seen over 315k Pageviews and nearly 70k Sessions. That’s an increase of 45% over the same time last year.

“Although no one could have predicted the extent of nation’s current circumstances, we were positioned for this,” says Brinkoetter Digital Media Director, Ryan Campbell. “As a company we have always been committed to technology, and using innovation to better communicate with clients. But now more than ever, Brinkoetter’s branded techniques have meant that even from the safety of home, buyers and sellers are able to continue in their real estate process without major interruption.”

According to Campbell, not only are more clients visiting, they’re spending more time there, using the online…

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Here come the Millennials! Are you a Millennial Home Buyer? Yay! Carry on with your bad self.

Everyone else: Read on.

Changing tides in real estate may be attributed to a number of factors. Low rates, new technology, the demand for speedier results, and a call for virtual accessibility have all impacted the way companies are doing business.

But one more influence may also play a part. The Millennial generation.

Millennials now represent the largest share of the home buying market at 39%. Their slower approach to homeownership, relative to their Generation X and Baby Boomer counterparts, is often attributed to affordability, student debt, and tighter lending standards. But as they continue to age and mature over the next decade, they’re finding themselves ready to settle into…

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Real Estate has been deemed an Essential Service because there are some things that can’t wait for the Shelter In Place to be lifted. Many families don’t have the luxury of a flexible moving date. So if you’re faced with moving right now, take heart. There are several things you can do to be proactive about your family’s health and safety, and the Brinkoetter Team is here to help.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

- Moving Companies have also been deemed Essential, but that doesn’t mean they’ve all implemented the same safety protocols and procedures. It’s important to ask movers about their policies, what they’re doing to ensure their clients safety, if they disinfect their trucks between moves, and if their crew will be wearing Personal Protective…

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