In May of 1965, Tom Brinkoetter founded Tom Brinkoetter & Co., Realtors at 1043 E. Eldorado. Within a short period of time the company became the market leader in real estate sales where it has remained. Active in local as well as state and national real estate organizations, Tom was instrumental in developing real estate procedures which remain in use to this day. He was, and is recognized throughout the country as a leader in the real estate profession.

Under Tom's direction, Tom Brinkoetter & Co. was responsible for the development of several successful subdivisions, condominiums and apartment complexes in Decatur. He also established a highly effective Commercial Division which focused on development, industrial, office, and retail sales.

In January of 1993 Tom retired and his daughter, Carla Brinkoetter, became President and owner of Tom Brinkoetter & Co. Carla joined the company as a receptionist in March of 1973. Since that time she has been the company secretary, advertising assistant, customer relations director, property manager, condominium developer and manager, sales associate, sales manager, and general manager. Having had the benefit of working closely with her father for many years Carla continues to operate under the same high ethical standards and commitment to service as when the company began.

In July of 1999 Tom Brinkoetter & Co. Realtors became "Brinkoetter & Associates" and adopted the new "key" logo. Our slogan "Open the Possibilities" represents the Brinkoetter team's goal of making home ownership possible for everyone seeking our service.

Recognized as a community leader, Brinkoetter & Associates has been voted the #1 Realtor in the Herald & Review Reader’s Choice Awards every year since it began in 2004.

Carla and her husband, Terry Smith, have worked side by side to maintain and build on the strong foundation created by Tom Brinkoetter. On June 1, 2012, Carla's brother, Tom, joined Brinkoetter & Associates as General Manager. After years in Naples, Florida where he was a residential property appraiser, Tom and his family returned to Decatur. Tom opened the company, Homesight, re-created the Brinkoetter website and introduced the service of providing to-scale floor plans on all of our listings. In late 2017 Tom became the Managing Broker. Tom's real estate and technical knowledge has helped keep Brinkoetter & Associates on the cutting edge of real estate technology.

Just as their father did, Carla and Tommy believe strongly in the "team and family" approach. The Brinkoetter team is knowledgeable, experienced, professional, caring, and friendly. Our reputation is our most treasured asset and we strive to protect and enhance it with every customer we meet.