Episode 12 - December, 2017
Guests on this episode: Dina Durbin & Lynn Merritt from Brinkoetter & Associates, Realtors, Dr. Keena Peek from Psychology Specialists, Dave Cawthon from Home's Best Senior Care, and a surprise guest in a big red suit.

Get to know Real Estate Agent, Dina Durbin. Lynn Merritt brings us our Featured Home. Dr. Keena Peek talks about the emotional highs and lows that seniors and their children can go through when downsizing or moving into a new home or facility. Dave Cawthon talks about his new business, Home's Best Senior Care,​ and the services they offer to seniors.


Episode 11 - November, 2017
Guests on this episode: Doug Brown and Sherry Plain from Brinkoetter & Associates, Chadd Freeman from Stolley Termite & Pest Control, and Chris Brodnicki from The Decatur Civic Center.

Doug talks about his career and the things that has helped him become a great real estate agent. Sherry Plain has our featured home. Chadd Freeman shares some tips on detecting termites and preventing them. Chris Brodnicki talks about the Civic Center's past, present and future.

Episode 10 - October, 2017
Guests on this episode: Jessica Wilson and Sue Jones of Brinkoetter & Associates, Realtors, Linda Harper of the Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce, Ryan McCrady of the Decatur EDC and Amanda Giles from Amanda Giles Country Financial.

Jessica talks about her life as a realtor and the struggles that first time home buyers have. Sue Jones talks about our featured home. Linda Harper talks about the Mt. Zion Chamber and some of its events coming up. Ryan McCrady talks about local jobs, the Limitless Decatur & Macon County campaign. Amanda Giles brings us a home insurance tip.

Episode 9 - September, 2017
Guests on this episode: Robin Jackson & Kristie Tindall from Brinkoetter & Associates, Realtors. Dr. Patrick White, President of Millikin University. Denise Lindsay, Mortgage Loan Officer with Central Illinois Bank.

Robin talks about her experience as a realtor, why she loves her career, and some of the benefits of having a realtor to negotiate. Kristie Tindall shares our featured home for the month. Dr. Patrick White talks about his past four years as Millikin Unversity's president and some of the excited changes coming to campus. Denise Lindsay busts a couple of mortgage myths and shares new information regarding credit scores.

Episode 8 - August, 2017
Guests on this episode: Lana Smith and Jodi Powell from Brinkoetter & Associates, Dr. Paul Fregeau the new superintendent of Decatur Public Schools, Bob Luther from S.C.O.R.E. and Jan Saddoris-Traughber from the Kirkland Fine Arts Center.

Episode 7 - July, 2017
Guests on this episode: Kevin Fritzsche with Brinkoetter & Associates, Realtors, Lori Sturgill with the Decatur Celebration and Ken Frye from the Scovill Zoo.

Kevin Fritzsche talks about his time as a realtor, how real estate has changed over the years and how things are going with his team. Lori Sturgill talks about the big acts for the upcoming Decatur Celebration as well as some of the changes that are taking place this year. Ken Frye talks about some new additions to the zoo, upcoming events and introduces us to one of his best friends.

Episode 6 - June, 2017
Guests on this episode: Terri Booker with Brinkoetter & Associates, Realtors, Mirinda Rothrock, President of the Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce and Kevin Mabry, Owner of The Tree MD.

Terri Booker talks about her history, what it's like to be on a team and the current market conditions. Mirinda Rothrock shares some reasons why local businesses should become members of the chamber as well as some of the ways in which local businesses are succeeding in today's online-shopping mindset. Kevin Mabry shares about his passion being a Certified Arborist and how his philosophy differes from other "tree cutters" out there, as well as some legal issues homeowners need to be aware of when it comes to trees and roots.

Episode 5 - May, 2017
Guests on this episode: Chris Harrison with Brinkoetter & Associates, Realtors, Decatur Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe, and Bruce Wayne Jefferey with the Decatur Boys & Girls Club.

Chris Harrison talks about commercial real estate and new tools his team is using to help in the buying and selling of commercial real estate. Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe shares her top priorities for the City of Decatur and talks about the future. Bruce Wayne Jefferey shares what the Boys & Girls Club is, the issues our youth are facing today, and how the community can help.

Episode 4 - April, 2017
Guests on this episode: Jim Wilkerson with Brinkoetter & Associates, Realtors, Nicho Thornell with Illini Paint Company and Steve Weber with Liaison Home Automation.

Jim Wilkerson speaks with Carla Brinkoetter about the "silver bullet" when it comes to marketing homes. Nicho Thornell shares about the company's services and his passion for what he does. Steve Weber explains what "Home Automation" really is, and where it's headed.

Episode 3 - March, 2017
Guests on this episode: Joe Spalding with Earth 2 Homes Inspection, LLC, Staci Doolin with Midwest Radon Testing, and Steve Miller with Macon County CASA.

Joe Spalding talks about the importance of home inspecition for both buyers and sellers, as well as some services he offers above and beyond traditional inspection of homes. Staci Doolin tells us what Radon is, the dangers it comes with, and why/when homes or commercial properties should be tested. Steve Miller talks about CASA's big event, the 15th annual Casas for CASA.

Episode 2 - February, 2017
Guests on this episode: Tom Brinkoetter with Brinkoetter & Associates, Realtors, Jill Davis with the Beautify Decatur Coalition, and Dale Pope from the Macon County Sheriff's Office.

Tom Brinkoetter talks about technology and how it has changed the real estate business. Jill Davis shares about the organization, some of the different projects going on and the upcoming BEE-Utiful contest coming up in the Spring. Dale Pope explains what the "Public Safety" tax proposal is all about so that voters will be educated when entering the voting booths on April 4th.

Episode 1 - January, 2017
Guests on this episode: Carla Brinkoetter with Brinkoetter & Associates, Realtors, Amber Kaylor with the Children's Museum of Illinois, Dave Hinkle with the Northeast Community Fund

Carla Brinkoetter talks about 2016 and the things she looks forward to in this new year. Amber Kaylor shares with us some news about a new exhibit as well as things that are coming in the near future. Dave Hinkle shares some stats on what the ministry did in 2016, and tells of the plans for a brand new building.