Key Team 4 Keys to SuccessAt Brinkoetter Realtors, we not only have access to a full-time marketing team, the latest technology and best website, we have access to a wealth of experience through the great teamwork of everyone in the office. That has been very helpful for our buyers and sellers, whether that is talking about our listings in weekly meetings, touring our listings together as a group, or just in the friendly conversations we have in passing at the office. The Key Team decided to take this teamwork to the next level by creating a smaller, more focused team which will allow very intentional collaboration about each and every one of our listings. Pooling our marketing dollars to increase the impact for our sellers, and the flexibility of all of our schedules, will combine to meet the needs of any buyer or seller.  

We believe there are four keys to a great real estate experience:  Integrity, communication, education, and celebration. First and foremost we want to make sure that INTEGRITY is part of everything we do in all walks of life. Our clients and colleagues must know that they can trust us. Secondly, COMMUNICATION is one of our biggest roles and we understand that every customer communicates differently so we need to meet them where they are. Third, it is important that we provide EDUCATION to our customers about the process and about the property. The best way for us to do that is to never stop learning ourselves. Finally, we understand that buying or selling a home is a huge life event, worthy of CELEBRATION. So we work to ensure that the process is fun along the way.  

Here are some specific benefits of working with a focused team for both buyers and sellers:


- Greater flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule.  Everyone is busy and it can sometimes be hard to coordinate calendars for a showing, to write a contract, do a final walk through, etc. With three of us working to make sure you find and close on a house, quickly and seamlessly, we can be much more accommodating to your schedule.

- Better home screening.  As individual agents we can't pre-screen every home, but between the three of us we can screen quite a bit more and help sort through the inventory of homes to find the right one for you.

- Better negotiating. Most buyers think that price is the only thing you negotiate in a real estate deal, but everything is negotiable and you'll have the joint efforts of all of us when you need it most!

Sellers Key Team 4 Keys 2

- Multiple eyes on the listing.  We realized early-on that it can be very beneficial to our sellers to have multiple eyes on the house itself and the listing details in order to develop the best possible marketing strategy for our sellers.  

- Larger audience for our promotion.  Not only do we have a larger audience as a team on social media, but we all have different circles in the community that we are involved with whether that be nonprofits that we are involved in, stores we shop in, or people we interact with regularly. People are always asking us about real estate and we'll each be able to support a much broader audience by combining our areas of influence. 

- Better negotiating. As is the case with buyers, most sellers think that price is the only thing you negotiate in a real estate deal, but everything is negotiable and you'll have the joint efforts of all of us when you need it most!  

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