The Business of Humanity

Posted by Betsy Osman on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 at 9:18am

The Business of HumanityOur nation is crying. While some Americans are fighting for their lives, other Americans are fighting for their livelihoods. No one is immune from concern.

But during these dark, thick-with-worry days, business leaders from every industry find themselves seated beside each other in one common place:

Today, we are all in the Business of Humanity.

During a team phone conference, Brinkoetter Realtors Designated Managing Broker and Owner, Tom Brinkoetter, told his team, “This isn’t a time for business. This is a time to be here for your clients. Check on them. Call them and ask them what they need, or if there are errands you might run on their behalf. Let them know you are there for them.”

Tom is in the Business of Humanity.

Local radio host and community leader, Brian Byers, has devoted a portion of his show to highlight the heroic acts of everyday people; people who feel responsible for their home, their neighbors, and their small business community.

Brian is in the Business of Humanity.

And while our trusted government officials are doing what they can to protect both our lives and our economy, there are also plenty of ways the people can support their local landscape while honoring social distancing and isolation orders.

Here are 5 ways you can help from home:

Shop locally – online  

Many small businesses that do not typically offer online ordering are starting to test the waters, so check to see if this is something the places you frequently shop with are doing. 

Buy gift cards

Buying a gift card from a local business, and saving it to use in the future, is an immediate way to put cash into your favorite shop, salon, theatre or restaurant while also limiting interactions and non-essential services such as packing, shipping and delivery.

Leave good reviews

Find your local favorites on social media and leave them a great online review. If you’ve long appreciated their services and products, now is the time to tell them so.

Take part in online classes

With facilities having to temporarily close, many business owners are now streaming sessions online so that people who are social distancing or self-isolating can join from home and show their support and solidarity to the local community. From yoga workouts and dance classes to creative writing and piano lessons, there are many classes you and your kids can opt to take part in online. Look for a local business option!

Chip in for a Virtual Tip Jar
A new idea that has surfaced on social media and seems to be gaining traction is the idea of a Virtual Tip Jar. Designed for out-of-work service professionals, individuals can
add their names, email address and whether they have a Paypal or Venmo account to a spreadsheet, inviting their various customers of the past to pay them tips as they might have when they were working. The Virtual Tip Jar applies for service industry work of all kinds, be it hair salons, bars, hotels, and restaurants.

Whatever it is you do for a living - whatever passions drive you forward, or goals you work for, or ideas you chase - today you are called to stand for your community.

You, too, are in the Business of Humanity. 

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