Real Estate has been deemed an Essential Service because there are some things that can’t wait for the Shelter In Place to be lifted. Many families don’t have the luxury of a flexible moving date. So if you’re faced with moving right now, take heart. There are several things you can do to be proactive about your family’s health and safety, and the Brinkoetter Team is here to help.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

- Moving Companies have also been deemed Essential, but that doesn’t mean they’ve all implemented the same safety protocols and procedures. It’s important to ask movers about their policies, what they’re doing to ensure their clients safety, if they disinfect their trucks between moves, and if their crew will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment while they’re in your home.

- If you or family members will be present while movers are in your home, it’s important to maintain a 6-foot distance. 

- Try to pack as much as possible on your own, only leaving large and heavy items to your movers. The less time they’re physically in your home means the less exposure is involved. And less exposure means less risk.

- You can limit the contact movers have with your home by condensing and placing all of your packed items and smaller furniture in a low traffic room. A centralized location will confine any potential germs to one area, making it safer and easier to clean and disinfect. If your movers must go into other rooms to pick up larger objects, be sure to disinfect once they’ve left. 

(Pro Tip: Your garage is a perfect place for this.)

- Before moving day arrives, be sure you are equipped with sanitizer (both for your home and your hands), masks, and gloves. Disinfect all surfaces that are touched, including doorknobs, light switches, surfaces, and moving boxes once they’ve been safely delivered to your new home.

- Be sure to deep clean every room in your new house prior to moving your family and belongings in.
- Just as you put your items in one low traffic area when you moved out, you’ll want your movers to take a similar approach when you move in. Confine items to one centralized space in your home, and then be sure to disinfect and wipe everything down.

Being smart while moving during the pandemic requires that you be mindful of social distancing and sanitization requirements. These will go a long way to minimizing your family’s risk, and maximizing your peace of mind.

Stay safe, friends.  

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