Does your home still fit?

Posted by Betsy Osman on Thursday, October 17th, 2019 at 11:00am

“Does your home still fit?”How do you know if it’s time for downsizing, upsizing, or changing your scenery? Often times, a baby, growing children, or a now empty nest can drastically impact your living space. Marriages, divorces, blended families, career changes, and economic influences can all make you feel like you’ve outgrown your current living situation. 

If you see yourself in one of these categories, now might be the time for a change of address.

More Babes Than Beds

At one time, your home was probably perfect for a single person or a couple beginning life together. Then you had a baby. And then another baby. And then those babies started getting bigger. If everyone under your roof could use a bit more personal space, perhaps you’re ready for a bit more house.


We’re all guilty of hanging on to things; clothes we no longer wear, pieces of furniture we’ve inherited from family, homemade holiday keepsakes carefully crafted by kids. Perhaps storage (or lack thereof) has become a big challenge to keeping a tidy, healthy-feeling home.

Returning Kids and Aging Parents

Young adults who move back home after previously living on their own will require you to adjust your empty nest. Maybe you’d turned his bedroom into an office when he left for college. Maybe your daughter’s bedroom is now filled with exercise equipment.

On the other end of the generational spectrum, caring for a sick or aging parent in your home may require not only a bedroom, but space to accommodate medical equipment or special furniture.

In both cases, welcoming family members into your home will require you to transition spaces, and perhaps more bedrooms.

Money, honey

Maybe it’s not an issue of space at all. Maybe it’s time to move because the value of the homes in your area is steadily decreasing. Could you wait a few years to see if economic factors and neighborhood values increase? Sure. But you risk loosing additional value. Watch neighborhood trends on an ongoing basis, and discuss concerns with your Realtor.

Stairs, Levels, and Baths…oh my!
According to Brinkoetter Realtor with Team Fritzsche, Kristie Tindall, multiple levels, stairs and baths can present a problem in even the most beloved homes.

“For those who are facing a major surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement, sometimes changing from one home style to another will make a big difference. Moving from a multi-level to a ranch, finding a home with main-level laundry facilities, even having a Master bed and bath with a walk-in shower could ensure you will be able to stay in your home for a very long time.”

Costly Commutes

Say you work 45-minutes from home in a neighboring city. That 1.5 hour daily commute certainly adds to your weekly fatigue, and what you’re paying in gas and car maintenance per month is becoming financially burdensome. Meanwhile, close to your office, you begin to notice the home taxes are more affordable, property values are on a steady incline, and the school district gets consistently high state report cards.

Does it still make sense to live in your current city?

The Bottom Line

Seeing the signs that your current living space no longer fits your lifestyle is a critical step in cultivating a balanced, happy, healthy life for you and your family members. It’s never easy to move and leave behind the years of memories you’ve created in a home with loved ones. But those memories will travel with you. And getting your needs met will ensure there are lots of happy memories, yet to be made. 

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