Behind Your Back!

You know that expression about a duck floating on top of water-gracefully, seamlessly, effortlessly-while beneath the surface, out of sight, its legs are madly paddling to create movement?

That is the life of a Realtor

For every hour your real estate agent spends smiling in your presence, he or she will spend an average of nine hours working behind your back to create movement, find you the perfect home, or get yours sold.

Here’s an insiders look at some of the things our realtors are doing when clients aren’t around.

They do their homework.

Market research is a big part of every realtor’s day. They research potential properties, evaluate competition, and review their multiple listing service database. They pour over detailed property descriptions, drive through neighborhoods, and walk through every listing with a buyer’s perspective.   

They continue their education.

Every spring, Brinkoetter Realtor, Sherry Plain, attends a two-day Illinois Association of Realtors Conference in Collinsville, IL. 

“I’m able to complete some of our required continuing education classes, get informed on any new issues, see the latest and greatest real estate tools at the trade show, and network with agents from all over the state.”

Says Plain, “I always come back with something new to implement, and offer my clients.”

They network with other realtors.

“Communication is very important to me and I do my best to keep my clients in the loop along the way,” says Brinkoetter Realtor, Tony Piraino. “But it is isn't possible-or even desirable-to let them know about every detail happening behind the scenes.” 

Says Piraino, “One of the biggest advantages of listing with a real estate agent is the realtor's ability to network with all other area realtors. It’s pretty incredible how many deals are put together by two professionals having an impromptu conversation at an unrelated event, and figuring out that a house one of them has listed would work for a buyer the other one has.  These conversations don't always make it back to the sellers, but they are happening, day-in and day-out, to try to find the perfect match.” 

They keep your schedule.

The process of selling or buying a home involves many steps, parties involved, and check-points along the way. It can be an overwhelming time, but your real estate agent is working to keep the process moving seamlessly, keeping clients informed as necessary.

“We follow the sales process of coordinating closing documents, inspections, closing times, and title work with the sellers, buyers, real estate agents, and closing company,” says Terri Booker of Brinkoetter’s Team Booker.

They invest in you and the community.

Real estate agents spend their own money to promote your home sale. Facebook ads, postcards, print materials- realtors will continue to invest in your property until it has sold.

“There are so many marketing activities that happen for each house whether that be sending out direct mail, hanging flyers around town, producing print/radio advertising, and various other activities,” says Piraino.

But it’s more than slick advertising and high-quality photography work. Realtors understand the need to be present in the community - to get involved in events, to be philanthropic, and to give back where they can.

“I try to stay very involved in the community because being involved in the community is something I love, but that too has been very beneficial for my sellers,” says Piraino. “When I'm out and about at various community events I always seem to run into someone looking for a house; when that happens you better believe I'm trying to see if one of my listings would be the right fit for them.”  

So the next time you see your real estate agent, give him or her a fist-bump, hug, or high-five. They’re working behind your back…because they’ve got your back.


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