When friendly competition turns into festive holiday funFor many families, decorating for the holidays is a time-honored tradition. Sometimes that tradition has been handed down by previous jolly generations; other times, tradition is born new and rolled out for future generations’ delight.

For Brinkoetter client, Patrick Jones, decorating his home for Christmas provides a bridge between the holidays he remembers from his own childhood, to the childhood he is creating for his children today.

“Growing up, my family was always very into Christmas and decorating. I think for me, decorating our home is a big part of readying ourselves for the holidays.”

According to Patrick, he and his neighbors have enjoyed a friendly competition over the years in an effort to out-bright one another. “This all began years…

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Grateful HeartsI wake up each morning and give thanks for the bed I slept in, my home, my family, my friends, and a new day.  This is the time of year when being thankful is brought to everyone’s attention. Thanksgiving is that reminder that we need more than once a year that we have abundant blessings. Let’s all have that grateful heart and let it last the year long.  

I want to take a moment to say thanks to all the people I encountered this year.  To those buyers I helped with the purchase of their first home, thank you for reminding me of the joy of beginning and the excitement of planning projects. To those buyers who were transferred here from places far, thank you for reminding me of the resilience of each us when we have to adapt to changes in our lives.…

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Like all industries, the world of real estate has its own language and terminology. Knowing some of the industry jargon will help you prepare for the home-buying process, and better equip you to communicate with your Realtor™.

Here are a few common terms to add to your vocabulary:

Fixed Rate vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Two types of mortgages available to homebuyers. A fixed-rate mortgage has the same interest rate through the entire term of the loan, while an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) is a loan in which the interest rate periodically adjusts based on a specified index.

Earnest Money
A deposit, given by the buyer to the seller and held by a third party, secures the contract until closing and lets the seller know you are serious about the…

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Holiday ReadyYour kitchen is hands-down the busiest room in your home during the holiday season. It’s warm, there are yummy dishes baking in the oven, and delicious pots bubbling on the stove. And no matter how inviting the other living spaces in your home, your holiday kitchen seems to create a gravitational pull for all your family and visiting friends.

This is the place where memories are made.

Before you get swept up in the holly, jolly bustle of the season, there are some easy and inexpensive ways to give your kitchen a little holiday sparkle, and create a functional, welcoming space. Swapping out regularly-used kitchen linens for seasonal favorites, clearing out unnecessary clutter, cleaning appliances, and adding a few festive accents can go a long way in…

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Key Team 4 Keys to SuccessAt Brinkoetter Realtors, we not only have access to a full-time marketing team, the latest technology and best website, we have access to a wealth of experience through the great teamwork of everyone in the office. That has been very helpful for our buyers and sellers, whether that is talking about our listings in weekly meetings, touring our listings together as a group, or just in the friendly conversations we have in passing at the office. The Key Team decided to take this teamwork to the next level by creating a smaller, more focused team which will allow very intentional collaboration about each and every one of our listings. Pooling our marketing dollars to increase the impact for our sellers, and the flexibility of all of our schedules, will…

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Writing has been a stress outlet for me for many years.  I have written and am writing journals for my four grandchildren. I write in them every three to four months, and tell them about the funny things that they did or said. I also include the price of gas (which is a family joke) and write about what is happening in the world or our family.  I just gave the first one to my grandson Will for his 18th birthday.

I just finished my Ethical Will to give to my children. I have worked on this for over ten years and it includes my thoughts on love, death, family, God and many other topics.   I have written many notes, some of which were delivered and others that were thrown in the trash. The reason I write was brought to my attention when I read a short book…

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Selling this SpringAs the cooler weather begins to blow in, thermostats are set to warm, and the chill in the air reminds us that winter is near, it’s hard to think ahead to Springtime. But if you’re even considering listing your home on the market early next year, there are a number of things you should be doing NOW, before Old Man Winter’s arrival.

Here are a few tips from our in-house Brinkoetter experts.

Tackle outdoor repairs and landscaping 

Fall is a great time to take care of home improvement projects like exterior painting, roof repairs and replacing windows, as the weather tends to work in your favor.

“Trim back bushes and trees, and clear out dead debris,” recommends Lesley Loehr, Brinkoetter Realtor. “Now is the time to be thinking about sprucing up…

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Sneaky PeeksAs you’re preparing to list your home on the market, most Realtors will tell you it’s important to de-personalize it. The more personal stuff in your house, the less potential Buyers can imagine themselves living there. 

Your Realtor may even advise you to put things in storage - things like family photos, memorabilia collections and personal keepsakes, all in the name of maximizing the full potential of your home.

But what your Realtor may not tell you? Potential Buyers LOVE to sneak a peek.

“It always amazes me the number of Buyers that open the refrigerator or freezer to take a peek inside,” says Brinkoetter Realtor, Jenny Lambdin.

“They’ll open up your stove and microwave. They’ll pull back shower curtains, and inspect bathtubs. They’ll open…

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Booker’s Books Review  “The Silent Patient,” a debut novel by Alex MichaelidesWhen I visit my son and daughter-in-law, I almost always visit the Amazon store which is close to them.  There is something about a book store or a library that I desire, enjoy, and need in my life. I was searching for a new “read” and browsed through the many options that were available. I decided on "The Silent Patient" by Alex Michaelides. This was his debut novel (and I tend to love to try someone’s debut) so away I went with this book in hand. 

 Alicia Berenson, a famous painter is married to Gabriel, a fashion photographer, and they seem to have a fabulous life living in London and seeing their dreams of artists’ lives being fulfilled. Then one evening Gabriel returns home late when Alicia shoots him five times in the face, and then never speaks…

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“Does your home still fit?”How do you know if it’s time for downsizing, upsizing, or changing your scenery? Often times, a baby, growing children, or a now empty nest can drastically impact your living space. Marriages, divorces, blended families, career changes, and economic influences can all make you feel like you’ve outgrown your current living situation. 

If you see yourself in one of these categories, now might be the time for a change of address.

More Babes Than Beds

At one time, your home was probably perfect for a single person or a couple beginning life together. Then you had a baby. And then another baby. And then those babies started getting bigger. If everyone under your roof could use a bit more personal space, perhaps you’re ready for a bit more house.

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