Louis Kappler

A native of central Illinois, I’ve grown to love Decatur and Macon County since I came to study at Millikin University in late 2006. While earning my degree in music business, I began working at Northgate Pet Clinic, where I honed my skills in client service, and within 1 year was training all incoming client care staff. My senior internship through Millikin landed me at Cromwell Radio Group, which turned quickly into employment and afforded me the opportunity to cut my teeth in advertising, producing radio ads, being a public figure (King Louie on 106.7 The Fox), as well as developing and executing social media marketing campaigns. In my time at Northgate and Cromwell, I learned a great deal about this beautiful community, it’s diversity and all that it has to offer. In addition to my schooling at Millikin, I have a semi-formal background in carpentry and woodworking, a favorite hobby and past time of mine. I feel that my 10+ years in Decatur has led me to a…

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