Kristie Tindall

Looking for a home? My site is a great place to get started and I'd love to help you as your Buyer's Agent. To do that - First, I'd like to take a little time to explain the way I work for my clients. As a Buyer's Agent, I counsel with a potential buyer to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the home buying process. I can help you examine and determine your preferences and appropriate price range as well as the ways in which you'd be using your next home. Next- We'll look at properties we've found that satisfy both your family's needs and budget. Then, when we find the home that's right for you- I can represent you through the preparation, negotiations, inspections and all that follows along your path to homeownership. That's the way buyer representation works. And Remember- As your Buyer's Agent - I can show you any home for sale - no matter who has the property listed. Call or e-mail today. Let's get started!

Office Phone Number: (217) 875-0555

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