Iris Giuliani, Broker/Agent

Iris Giuliani


My family history in real estate provided me with the desire and background to appreciate how important an investment that a home offers. Watching my late and mother’s and brother’s successful careers in real estate has instilled in me a passion to embrace and practice their philosophies of friendliness, helpfulness, and most importantly, caring for clients as if they are members of their families. I know that your house is also your home, a place for families to grow, for memories to be made, and a safe haven for one’s family. I have lived in the Moweaqua area since 2006. My family has moved many times, which has given me a unique perspective on the process of a transition to a new home. My husband, Peter, being employed by Caterpillar, has led to me having life experiences outside of the United States. Having lived in Mexico, Peru, and Argentina, which has resulted in my being fluent in Spanish. I have attended both Joliet Junior College and Richland Community College, which has led me in the words of one of my professors, “To learn how to learn.” My personal experiences of finding new homes for my family has embedded me with a philosophy of trying to understand the needs and desires of those looking for a new home. I believe my devotion to my dogs, three Rhodesian Ridgebacks, exemplifies my devotion to helping others. The world of real estate is governed by helping others and to do this I give my whole-hearted efforts. My hobbies include photography and successfully breeding and training my Rhodesian Ridgebacks in conformation, obedience, and rally dog shows. Buying or selling a home is a big milestone in a person’s life. I enjoy being a part of that process and helping to make the transition easier. I look forward to meeting your real estate needs.

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