Home Buyer Services


Brinkoetter & Associates, Realtors has been helping people find and purchase homes since 1965. Since that time much has changed. In the past, buyers had no real representation because all agents worked for the seller. Current laws dictate that any agent working with a buyer client, to have an agency relationship with that client. This relationship and the agent’s responsibility is provided to all clients in writing in accordance with Illinois State Law.

When you interview and select an agent to represent you, you are ensuring that you will have adequate representation as you select and purchase a home.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Determining your specific wants and needs.
  • Market research to produce homes meeting your criteria.
  • Referral to lenders that will provide the best possible financing options.
  • CMA-comparative market analysis on homes prior to submitting an offer to determine value.
  • Contract presentation and negotiation.
  • Assistance with ordering and scheduling any and all inspections per purchase agreement.
  • Submit any written request for repairs/replacement and negotiate for buyer satisfaction.
  • Order termite inspection and review report
  • Oversee termite treatment and/or repairs if required.
  • Review all closing documents and settlement statements.
  • Provide contacts for utilities, garbage, cable etc.
  • Attend closing.
  • Follow up after the sale.

This is a sampling of our basic buyer services. Each purchase is unique and may require additional services and assistance.

Our agents are trained to anticipate and watch for any situation that could impact a purchase and the best interests of their client.

Thinking about buying a home? Be sure you are adequately represented. In almost all instances Realtor fees are paid by the seller with no cost to you.