Brinkoetter Services

Drone Footage

Brinkoetter Services maintains two licensed drone pilots that collect aerial footage on nearly all of our listings. Our pilots are trained and have FAA Wide Area Airspace Authorization that are renewed annually. Birds eye view footage gives our clients a unique perspective of properties they are interested in.

Tom Brinkoetter

Drone Pilot



"You think drones are cool, yeah, so do I...we were the first to bring this innovation to the central Illinois market and continue to wow our clients with new features every year!"

Doug Brown

Drone Pilot



"Tom thinks I the best pilot in the country. I’ve only crashed twice, but always get the coolest shots for our clients."


HDR Photography

Brinkoetter Services uses HDR (High Definition) Photography on every single listing. Our in-house photographer takes the time to make sure the photos we use for our listings are always professional and top-notch. She is also trained to take advanced photos to create 3D walk-thrus of select listings

Patty Brinkoetter




"I take my time with each listing to make sure we get it right the first time and get to see our clients' homes uniquely through my lens each day."


Interactive Floorplans

Brinkoetter Services has a trained professional who creates complete as-built floor plans for all of our listings. Each home is measured for accurate square footage and room dimensions, then the proprietary photographs are combined with the sketch of the property to create an interactive floor plan.


Alyssa Brinkoetter

Laser Measurer



"The lasers we use to produce the proprietary floorpans are, well, lasers. I suppose you could say we are laser sharp with our delivery. "


Alyssa Brinkoetter

Tour Processor



"When I am building the floor plans, I feel like I am walking through the house right along side our clients; like a field trip out of the office every day!"


Listing Videos

Brinkoetter Services edits and processes our listing videos in-house, with superior quality and turnaround time. We have industry leading video editing software to assemble interior and drone footage for easy viewing our client’s homes.


Kaitlyn Ewing

Video Producer



"Well, I haven’t won an Oscar yet for my video work, but all of the houses we’ve made a video on are sold. I think that deserve an Oscar!"