What Went Wrong?

Sue Jones, Realtor with Brinkoetter & Associates, shares a not-so-funny DIY extermination that she tried at her home. 

A new home buyer recently expressed a wish that there was a list somewhere telling her what repairs and upkeep she could do herself rather than hire a professional.  I decided it might be time to share my very own burning bush experience on the subject.

A very nasty bunch of yellow jackets made their nest in the ground beneath a bush located about two feet from the front door of our home.  As the sister of five brothers, I thought, “I’ve got this.”

A quick search of YouTube provided what I thought was a quick, efficient and easy way to get rid of them. It was really so simple.  After their stingers were safely tucked into the nest after dark, I snuck out as quiet as a mouse covered in clothing from head-to-toe. I poured a gallon of gas on the bush, lit a match, and ran.

I want you to know that I successfully got rid of the yellow jackets. However, I really didn’t factor in the flame that a gallon of gas can produce, especially with the bush being so close to our home.  Fortunately, no insurable property was damaged, and no videos were made.

I wish there was a list for homeowners of what home projects are okay to try yourself, and which ones you should always call a professional for. However, we all have different skills sets, and not everyone has five brothers!

Sue Jones

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