Thermal Imaging - A Helpful Tool in Home Inspections

Local home inspector, Joe Spalding with Earth 2 Home Inspections, is using Thermal Imaging to help him locate any potential water problems in homes. As we all know, water problems can be dangerous and costly. Knowing where there could be potential problems or current problems can not only prepare you for what's ahead but give you a clearer idea as to what needs to be done to fix any problems.

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Thermal Imaging can help with:

  1. Leaking in basement areas
  2. Leaking plumbing pipes hiding in walls
  3. Checking the heating unit / furnace
  4. Checking the operating of electric hot water heaters
  5. Checking for overheating wires/breakers in power panel
  6. Leaking in the roofing area
  7. Checking the operation of the AC unit
  8. Checking for waterlogged pressure pressure tank on well system
  9. Missing insulation in areas of the house
  10. Checking operation of the floor radiant heat system
  11. Leaking of chimney areas
  12. Leaking around toilet area