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Style plays an important part in my life. In fact, my fiancé would tell you that I often prioritize it over food, water, shelter, and a number of other “basic needs”. My favorite way to express myself is through what I wear. When it comes to my wardrobe, I try not to limit myself. If you saw my closet, you might think I was Liberace. One of the best parts of my day is going to my closet to decide how I’m going to express myself that day.  


Despite the sequins, fur, fringe, and metallic leather, there are still times I don’t feel like looking fashionable let alone presentable. I think most of my generation can relate. Unfortunately, in the workplace, especially in sales, that isn’t an option. As a result, I’ve become a master of averting attention. For example, if I don’t feel like wearing makeup and my hair is full of dry shampoo, I’ll wear my 65mm tortoiseshell glasses. In these moments, I’m grateful I’ve been blind as a bat since 3rd grade.


A fair warning to the fashionably bold, though – your taste will occasionally be misunderstood. One time, I wore mixed prints to the office and I thought my co-worker was going to have a stroke. Another time, I wore my really cute hot pink ruffle sandals and Terri Booker, who I absolutely admire, thought I was wearing house slippers. I still haven’t lived that one down. I will admit there have been hits (way more) and misses (very few) along the way, but until Anna Wintour walks through those Brinkoetter doors, I think I’ll keep it up.


Part of the emphasis that I place on my wardrobe comes from when I first started in real estate. I was constantly worried people were going to think I was like… fourteen. No one wants to buy a house from a fourteen-year-old.  Thus, I started using my wardrobe as a defense mechanism. I’d rely on my style to show potential clients and co-workers that I was a young professional that wanted to be taken seriously (minus the choice of the aforementioned pink ruffle sandals). Show me a fourteen-year-old that wears white leather studded boots.  If you can, then please provide me with their contact information because I’d love to bounce some ideas off of them.


As the years have passed, this form of self-expression has evolved from a defense mechanism to an enjoyment…a hobby if you will (an expensive hobby, so please buy a house from me). I enjoy what I wear, but I also enjoy how it makes me feel. If I can sell myself, that’s half the battle. When you walk in to list a million-dollar home, you have to look like a million dollars. I haven’t listed a million-dollar home… but I will have a custom printed pant suit for when I do. ;)

-Dixie McElroy

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