Real Estate and Fitness by Jenny Lambdin

I consider myself very lucky to have two careers that I enjoy and that challenge me everyday.  Growing up, I was told by my parents that no matter what I chose to do in this life, do what I love and what makes me happy. And, my two loves are fitness and real estate.  Though they’re very different, they’re also similar in many ways.

Maintaining your fitness routine is much like maintaining your home; Both require care, both require maintenance, and both deserve some love. 

If you’re a member of a gym or attend a fitness class that makes you feel comfortable and you enjoy going, you’ll like to go and want to go.  Your home is that same way.  If you love your home and the way it makes you feel, you’ll enjoy being home and going home.  Whether you are sweating in a fitness class or cozy in the living room of your home, both spaces should be ones you enjoy.

As we age and as our home ages, it’s necessary to make changes, updates and perform maintenance. The types of workouts we participate in may change as we get older by replacing a high intensity class with a yoga class or heavy lifting with more circuit training. When a home ages, they also need modifications.  When an AC unit or furnace has reached it’s shelf-life, it needs replaced with a more efficient one and something that is better suited for the property. We change and so does our home so take care to adjust as time goes by.  


When I think about the foundation of fitness, I always think of the back.  When our backs are sore or out, then everything becomes misaligned.  A strong back is reflected in good posture, shoulders held back and head up high.  A sense of security comes with a sturdy back, keeping everything in line and able to perform.  When the foundation of a house is strong, the whole house appears to be strong.  If the foundation of a house serves as the backbone is out, then the house is not supported, not able to perform its duties, and the cracks start to appear.  

I’m a true believer that if you like the way you look you will have a more positive attitude. Present yourself and your home the same way.  A mowed lawn, manicured landscaping and a little attention to the outside of your home sends the message that the inside is happy and maintained as well. First impressions last and it’s always best practice to make sure you are putting your best self, and best home, forward.


I challenge all of you to work on your fitness, maintain your health and present the best version of you.  Same can be said for your home.  Work on your home, maintain it’s integrity and present the best version of your home!


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