Life Lists by Terri Booker

Life Lists: Dream Big by Terri Booker

Over 30 years ago my husband and I put together a life list – a bucket list of things we wanted to happen in our lives or places we wanted to go.  We dreamed big.  We wanted to go on a safari, see Yellowstone Park, go bare boating in the Caribbean, swim with the dolphins, go to an Olympics, take big family vacations, have litters of Labrador puppies and more.  We did go to Africa and saw all the Big 5 – lions, leopards,rhinos,elephants, and buffalo.  We took our Chicago grandsons to Yellowstone and started early in the morning looking for wildlife and spent the afternoons seeing the sights.  We created memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.  We took a family vacation to Florida and swam with the dolphins – a memory I will never forget. And we have had a dozen litters of Labradors – all adorable and remind me how precious life is. 

Terri and her family swimming with the dolphins in Key Largo.


I wanted to go to a spa – a real spa and stay for 5 days and detach from the world.  I did and I did detach and relaxed and realized how much we all need to decompress sometimes and just take in life. I wanted to ride in a side car of a motorcycle and I did in Canada.  Might seem like a silly bucket list item but how much fun I had – and I would not have ever done it if it wasn’t on my list.

Boating in the Caribbean

My husband wanted to go hunting doves in Argentina and have a championship Labrador retriever, and a barn because he had to move to town when his dad died when he was three.  He went hunting and had a FC/AFC champion dog named Ozzie and he enjoys his “barn” every day. 

Duck Hunting

When the Labrador puppy training begin. Our first puppy. 

We dreamed big, really big, and never fathomed that we would do all of the above.  We did. We did because we talked about it and told our friends about it and we planned for each one to happen – not all at once but gradually and now 30 years later we have made many checks on our list. 

Family vacation in San Diego

I would tell everyone to have a life list of dreams – big dreams.  Selling real estate has allowed me to help so many fulfill their dream of home ownership.   Buying a home is a big dream and a huge financial undertaking.  That is why your realtor is so important – not only are they helping you make a dream come true but they are also involved in one of the most important financial responsibilities of your life.  The sub lists to buying a home are extensive.  You want to buy at a fair price and work with a lender that will help you through the process.  You want to look over the major aspects of a home, i.e. the roof, furnace, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing and reduce your risk of major outlays of money that you weren’t expecting.  Your realtor will help you with all of those.  A great sense of satisfaction falls over me when I can help someone realize their dream of owning a home or finding a larger home or downsizing from that larger home.  I then fulfill one of my dreams – to know my purpose in life. AND that purpose is to help others and I can do this every day in real estate.   

Yellowstone National Park

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