Decatur Parks & The Itch To Go Outdoors!

Even though Illinois loves to tease us with some warm days and then throw some snow back at us, there is no denying that Spring is here and nice days are ahead. With that comes outdoor activities and when you live in Decatur and Macon County, neighborhood parks are a GREAT destination.

The Decatur Park District does a fantastic job at providing us with a great park system and plenty of places to enjoy the outdoors. You may be surprised to know that there are over 40 PARKS in the Decatur area!

Our parks have a variety of amenities such as ponds, lakefront, nature trails, bike trails, gardens, pavilions, dog parks, skate park, disc golf, horseshoes, swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball, volleyball, tetherball, tennis courts and more!

For a complete list of parks and what amenities they have, download this handy guide provided by the Decatur Park District!