DIY Christmas Angel Craft

Dina Durbin, Carol Keller, and Lynn Merritt with Brinkoetter & Associates got together and made Christmas Angels in spirit of the holidays! These make a beautiful home decoration, or can even be given as a gift this Christmas. Below are five step-by-step videos that instruct you on how you can make of these at home.

You can get the materials to make these at Dollar General, Hobby Lobby, or online on a website called Trendy Tree.

Step 1. Cut 16 pieces of sheer ribbon 20 inches long, 8 for the body and 8 for the wings.

Step 2. Roll each piece of ribbon so it's curled up from each side and fold in half.

Step 3. Use a very thin wire and twist it tightly around the middle of the 8 pieces of ribbon that make up the body.

Step 4. Use a wooden cross (or anything else you decide to use for the back, such as a popsicle stick or tongue depressor) and wrap the rest of the wire with the body around the bottom of it to keep it in place and up-right.

Step 5. Use a styrofoam ball as the head of the angel. Use a pipe cleaner for the halo. 

Step 6. Use a 10 inch piece of white ribbon and wrap it around the styrofoam ball. Use the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the bottom of the angel's head where the ribbon and styrofoam ball meet. Bend the pipe cleaner up and use the end to make a circle (halo) above the angel's head. When you are done with this you can also put a little dab of glue on the back to make sure the pipe cleaner stays in place. 

Step 7. Roll your other 8 pieces of ribbon for the wings just as you did for the pieces of ribbon you used for the body. 

Step 8. Use another pipe cleaner to wrap around the middle of all of the wings to keep them together. 

Step 9. Spread some of the wings apart and then use the rest of the pipe cleaner to wrap around the middle of the wooden cross.

Step 10. Use the bottom of the pipe cleaner from the head of the angel and wrap it around the top of the wooden cross to complete the angel.


Here is the completed angel! Feel free to add any extra ribbons or decorations to it as you like. 

Have a Merry Christmas!

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