A Day in The Life of a Mom in the Real Estate Business by Jodi Brinkoetter


          I started my career in real estate almost 15 years ago and immediately knew I loved helping my buyers find the perfect home and my sellers have a smooth and easy sales process. After a few successful years in the business I was blessed with my first son Jonah. Being a mom is such a wonderful and at times overwhelming experience! I wondered how I would be able to enjoy the precious time with him while also continuing to help my clients with their very important real estate needs. I had always taken my job very seriously. I understood that I was helping and guiding people though one of the most, if not the most important financial transaction of their lives. It was so important to me to find the very best home possible for my buyers and to assist my sellers through the sales process to the best of my ability. 

I won’t say it was always easy. There were many times my little guy was carried from house to house in his carrier while my buyers and I searched for their perfect home. As time went on we became a pretty good team. My real estate career was part our daily lives. Four years later my second son Chase came along and was such an awesome addition to my life. I never knew how much love my heart could hold. He too tagged along on many showings. I have been so blessed with wonderful clients who allowed my little assistants to come along and, yes, give their opinions often. 

I will never forget the first time Jonah decided to add his two cents on a showing. Right in front of the buyers my four-year-old said "I wouldn't buy with house!" We all just looked at him like “okay...why?” He said, "there is no playroom, and I  think that's important!" We laughed and went on with the showing. However, that was one of the many times when I learned something from my little assistants. I was reminded that everyone has certain things that are important to them in a home. 

From that point on I always made sure to have that conversation with my clients. What’s important to them? How can I best serve their specific needs? Years have passed, and my assistants aren't with me on showings as often. Even so, my life  is rich in blessings with both my career in real estate and my flexible work schedule allowing me to spend precious time with my boys. They are truly my greatest blessings from God. Thank you to all my clients through the years who have supported me and been understanding of the hectic schedule a full-time working mom has.

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