If you are looking for a career that allows you to put your unique talents to use, real estate could be your answer.

Brinkoetter & Associates has been grooming knowledgeable, successful real estate agents since 1965. We know what it takes to be successful, and we provide the training tools and support to make you among the best in the field.

How to Start Selling Real Estate

  • Attend and pass 90 hour pre-licensing course. We can provide information about local classes, home study and on-line courses. Online courses include 75 hours on line and 15 hours of interactive class.
  • Sit for and pass State Licensing exam.
  • Interview real estate offices to determine the best fit for you.
  • Place sales license with sponsoring broker.

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"I think it was around 2002 when after being in the real estate business for 7 years with the same company, the brokerage I was with decided to transition and merge with another company. It was an opportunity for me to explore my options. When I met with Carla and Tom, it became apparent to me that Brinkoetter was where I needed to be. They had a vision and a genuine excitement about the business and were focused on the community which is something that matched my ideals perfectly. They were sincere about wanting me to grow and flourish and they remain so today. I am proud to be a part of their team."


- Kevin Fritzsche

"Why did I choose Brinkoetter? It's simple, really. Brinkoetter is the best. Ask anyone what website they use when they are house hunting - it's always Brinkoetter. Ask anyone what agent they would use again - it's always a Brinkoetter agent. Their brand sets the bar high and that's exactly what I wanted - to train, learn and work with the best."

- Carol Risby




"I've been at Brinkoetter since 1988. That's a lot of years to spend at one place. Why do I continue to stay at Brinkoetter? Well, for one, I would never leave this family. The agents who work here love each other and God. The other reason is our bosses and staff. They stay current with the market and technology, which means I get to also! The atmosphere here is supportive without interference. That has worked for me for a long time!!!”   #stayinguntilIretire

- Lana Smith